Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our Wee Organic Harvest

A planned meeting for our Organic Community Garden provided us to reap some of what we've sewn. Don't worry, we didn't come with big boxes to fill up. We have 2 teeny 2 x 8 raised beds and, to be honest, we've not pampered them.

So following our meeting (grief, meetings are all alike, no matter if they are with artists or with gardeners, aren't they?) . . . anyway, we huddled around our lil plots, viewing our harvest. You've heard me comment on this year being a rather "weird" year for growing things. And we received some consolation in that none of the other, more seasoned (sorry for the pun) gardeners have had any better luck.

I do have to say, the whole Community Garden looks lovely. The flowers and greenery are flourishing. Yep, our flowers too (the Coreopsis and Marigolds to ward of insects) are so happy. But then, you turn to our sorry tomato plants, eggplant (hey, we have ONE blossom!) and pathetic basil. Our tomatoes have sunburned sides, diagnosed by our peers, as not having enough foliage to protect them. In fact, most of our garden was meekly leafed. I believe we need more Potassium for foliage . . . but it may be too late this year.

But we cheerfully brought home a dandy colander full of gorgeous color. If nothing else, I'll use this image for a fun still life sometime. Aren't Mother Nature's colors unbelievable? Roland dug out the basil plants and they are drying upside down in the garage for pesto etc. Our yellow tomatoes are sweetly delicious (we wondered if they contain any lycopene - since they are not red?) and we've not yet sampled our jalapenos. You'd laugh at our sole Pablano pepper - it's not even big enough to stuff. We left her on the plant - remaining hopeful :)

So it's been an adventure . . . isn't life just yummy with all these things to sample?

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