Friday, July 30, 2010

Journaling, Delicious Journaling . . .

Some of you may have been wondering if I've given up my journal since there's not been mention in weeks of it. But, don't be deluded . . . I'm dedicated to my journal and the time I spend in it. So, finally, after the time away in California, I've caught up my journal.

Mainly, the content is of my days down in the Bay Area. This first double spread of my images finishes up our stay up on the North Fork of the Butte Creek, one of my favorite lil' camping spots. And then, the start of my trip. These erratic and sculptural pepper trees were set in front of me after we'd hung the "Traveling Conversations" show (see the image here of the grid we set up to hang all 69 of our 5x7 inch pieces) and I just wanted some quiet time gazing into a park. Grief, I couldn't leave my paint brush down - those pepper trees were just calling me to paint them.

Wednesday of that week, my dear friend and her hubby had invited me to join them traveling up to San Francisco to see the Impressionist show at the de Young Museum. I was so jazzed . . . not only had I not see the new museum, but I loved the Impressionist period. Having the ear phone tour was invaluable. I learned even more about the period and added two new favorites, Sisley and Degas. The museum was savory too, wide sweeping spans bordered with sunlight and greenery amidst the formality of the museum and signage. But we had a little extra time and decided to hit the Legion of Honor Museum too which had an Impressionist show going. It's focus was more on the print media of the day and some of the etching were incredibly detailed and impressive. In the back seat driving home from the city, I pulled out my pen for a lil' contour drawing. Seemed every time I got a subject I wanted to sketch, they'd drive off out of my view. Guess I need to sketch more quickly!! A full and fun day!

The next pages in my journal are eventful. They cover the Reception of the "Traveling Conversations" show (see previous entry) and also, a very serendipitous meeting. It's been over, oh my, it must be nearly 20 years since I graduated from San Jose State's Graphic Design Program. That was where I last say most of my Illustration Instructors. So, one evening, late, I was heading into Trader Joes to pick up some items . . . when in front of me were two people. A couple, I thought, but as I looked closer, darn if the lady didn't resemble the Head of the Department, Bunny Carter. Now I didn't know her husband, could that be him, I'm thinking? The more I examined him . . . darned if he didn't look an awful lot like Courtney Granner, another instructor I'd had at SJSU. I took a deep breath and inquired, "So, could that be Bunny Carter and Courtney Granner?" They both turn around and, yes, it's them. We catch up a bit and I hear about all the changes in the Art Department.
Then, off we all go with well wishings, etc. WHAT a coincidence, eh? Middle of the Bay Area, me living in Oregon and P-O-O-F, in the parking lot of Trader Joes, a meeting happens.

Believe in unplanned twists of fate or testing sagacity? Well, to me, this falls under that serendipity. Hey, follow me, as long as one keeps participating in life fully, pushing envelopes, we can just keep being amazed together. Isn't life fascinating?


Nikole Hahn said...

You do beautiful work as always!

Wendy Wright said...

Such beautiful sketch journal pages and how cool that you randomly ran into people you knew that you have not seen in a long time.