Tuesday, July 27, 2010

IceCream, Jackson Brown & Full Moons

It was just such a magical evening . . . I just had to share it with you dear readers.

Now, if you've known me for any length of time, you know I'm not a big fan of ice cream. Now don't get me wrong, I love ice cream and my husband talks me into it once in awhile. But after I do eat it, I'm not happy with how I feel. So I'm learning to just say "no, thanks". But in the Summer, I have a lil' decadent pleasure in the ice cream world, Dairy Queen cones. So we went tonight for a treat after dinner and I ordered my splurge size, the "Medium"! So we park backward in the DQ lot and usually gaze out over this vacant field where we always catch the antics of some neighbor cat. But tonight, since we've been having at least the "threat" of thunderstorms - the clouds have been fantastic!! And this night we caught ~ just at sunset. So you artists in the audience know where this is going, right? The colors were just stunning, from one moment to another, they changed from fantastic to even more amazing. I'm moaning 'cause I've forgotten the camera. I mean even the green field with drying grass was taking on magical colors. So, finally we leave the scene once the light and the ice cream is gone and head home for our evening walk with Cody, our Golden Retriever.

I've been aching to go up and watch from the "locals free spot" at the Britt Festival especially since August is fast approaching and the music changes to classical. Roland says he's not up for it, and finally I'm just going to do what I gotta DO. I go up past all the cars and the big RV motor homes that our entertainer for the evening has arrived in . . . and sit down to enjoy one of my favorites, Jackson Browne. Some of my memories flood in with the ole' songs and I'm swaying (you can't dance, the ground is uneven and dirt with lil rocks), lovin' the night air. I gobble up most of the set and eventually decide, it's time to head home. Little did I realize that the moon was nearly full, I think beginning to wane, but, there I go, dancing to "Runnin' on Empty" down the streets leading me home on this fine night. Smiles . . .

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