Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Around the Corner ...

Last Saturday, one of my chores was to drive to Grants Pass to retreive the piece I'd entered into the Southern Oregon Art Show at the Firehouse Gallery. We made it into a family adventure as Roland, Cody (our sweet Golden), and I piled into the car. The drive up was green and pleasantly wove us into downtown Grants Pass. The boys waited in the car while I ran in to gather up my painting.

I'd not been able to go up to the show reception since it was when we were on our camping trip to Trinity Alps area - so I arrived early to catch the majority of the show before people took home their pieces. I paned the room and discovered my piece in the first corner - AND - dangling from the corner of the frame was - a second place ribbon in the watercolor catagory! Oh my, I was so thrilled!!! Touring the remainder of the show I was impressed with the quality and variety - even more humbled to have received the 2nd place ribbon. Proudly, I carried out the ribbon and my painting, "Gnarled Silhouette". It's a piece I'd long wanted to paint as it's the view out my studio in early Autumn. Now I know someone else enjoyed the view too!

Goes to show you, you never know the joys just waiting around the corner. So don't be afraid of rounding those new corners! Happy trails!

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Peggi Habets Studio said...

Congratulations on the honor! Not surprising though; a beautfiul painting.