Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fun Teaching

My "Personal Journaling & Watercolor Sketching" Class is in full swing. In the Ashland Artisan Gallery on Main Street, seven students of very diversified skills and intent nestled into the cozy classroom and we warmed up with introductions etc.

The first three hour session was jam-packed with lots of information about beginning your journaling approach, supplies and various journals, basic techniques for drawing (line quality, value, volume) and, of course, homework assignments!

The following session was two hours and was a blend of painting/sketching, then some writing exercises. We began with an introduction to color, color wheel and color wheel theory. Here you can see the focused classmates watching their right-left brain sparking with an exercise. The writing exercises, hopefully, tailor down vocabulary and viewpoint to refine our thinking for journal writing.

Our third and final three hour class meets this Sunday. And a gracious gesture by one of the students has rescued us all from the confines of the Gallery's limited space (with 100 degree temperatures looming in the weather forecast) , to the spacious grounds of her home. It will furnish a comfortable, relaxed sharing for our ending class.

I'm off to polish up some final demonstrations and samples ... Happy creating!

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