Monday, July 21, 2008

Befuddled Entry

Oh my . . . yes, when will I learn that 10:30pm is not the best time to begin a journal entry? But I did it any way, and the next morning I went in to finish up the sketch - ha - I painted it on the wrong page. Now it was out of sequence - and - couldn't tear out the page because it already had an image on part of the page (see image above).

Oh my . . . what to do??? Ok, I'll cut it out with my exacto knife, hopefully in a graceful, artist manner and "Yes Glue" it into the place it was originally supposed to be! Actually it leaves a kinda intriguing window - but - I think, to make use of the journal page I will attempt some inventive way to stitch in another piece of watercolor paper. . . soon.
For now, this is what the re-positioned image looks like - back in the place it originally was to be, to be in sequence. And I'm still studying, allowing that "Universal Creative Mind" to invent the solution to my remaining befuddled journal page.

Isn't it fun, to be reminded how human we are? I aim at turning these lessons into an "exercise in humility". So, for today, I'm w-a-y humble!

Happy creating . . .

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