Friday, May 9, 2008

First Paint Out of the Spring!

The first planned paint out of my Thursday group was scheduled for yesterday. The day began gray and chilly (45 degrees) - burrrrr! But I really have been yearning for an artist's day and packed up any way.

Driving to Eagle Point, past Butte Falls Mill and on the day remained monochromatic. Lovely green pastures with cows and their playful calves, and giant bulls next to ole' barns began to appear. At first, I wondered if I'd gotten to the correct address, but our hostess popped her head out the door, welcoming me. Only one of the member of our group was there and she was inside, keeping warm.

I took my camera and traveled the sprawling ranch and gardens. The photogenic sheep posed for me (well, at least one of them) and eventually, I found this vista of zigzagging berry bushes along the irrigation ditch that traveled out to wide, yawning valleys dotted with green spaces. Ok, I'll sit down for just a bit to get the sketch in my Journal and soon I was painting - I was "captured"!

As time disappeared, I began to notice sprinkles of yellow sunshine on the far-away hillsides and - SURPRISE - the day had turned gorgeous! Of course, the color began to pop out with glowing light on the scene and I painted til content with my image. Simple, clean and fresh - better stop. While cleaning up I managed to spill my water reservoir in my lap, swell. But I took the opportunity to sit in the direct sun and write out my text along side my image. The horses across the valley whinnied, the cows behind me began mooing back and forth to one another - and the landscape just sang.

What a envigorating day outdoors with my Journal. Eventually, I dried out and packed up to come home, hoping to preserve this warm feeling.

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