Monday, February 4, 2008

Year's Update

I've been "attached" to my Journal for the last few days . . . one of my favorite part of journaling is when I finish a complete "book". That's when I return back to the beginning and color in the "illuminated letter" that I've carved to begin each entry. I choose color and what to fill in by what will unite the page, add focus or interest. It also gives me the opportunity to go over that whole period of time (May thru December in this particular journal) and relish memories. And even revel in the creations on each page - being excited by the colors, the page design, and of course, by the flood of memories that return with the image and reading of the text.

Also, this exercise serves as a kind of remembering, "I am an artist, I am creative, my work provides an uplifting service to this planet"! I hope you enjoy with me, the fruits of this labor - which - really is play!

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