Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Playdate with, none other than myself

Oh, I'm feeling so spunky and creative. I've been doing this ongoing "over-the-mile" creation of projects with two other wonderful artist friends. One of the current projects that has been going for over two years, is 5 x 7 inch individual pieces. We create our piece either, in response to the previous artist's piece or, just as an expression of how we are currently feeling. And then mail the packet off to the next artist for their next 5 x 7 creation.

This particular piece relates where I'm "at" at this particular and responds briefly to the previous piece. I began by watercoloring the winter "Star of Bethlehem" blossoms, cutting out the profile they created with an exacto knife and over-laying their silhouette onto the negative, remaining paper. That paper, which had been painted in bold, abstract colors served as backdrop for collage pieces of newspaper and other texts, as well as some torn images. All collage application was done with diluted Mat Medium. I tied the entire piece with a coral/sand colored ribbon which sported a small Valentine I'd scanned and manipulated. I'm lovin' how spontaneous it was and how effectively it says what I'd wanted. Aren't us artists blessed?!?

Happy Creating!

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