Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bigger Project

I have been missing ... but, I have been progressing with a bigger project. I'm preparing for a show in May with a floral theme - and I'm excited. Looking at reference material of my endless files of flowers has me drooling. How can I select which of these to paint? I love them ALL! Ok, I'm wanting to make these images BIG - well, at least full sheet Watercolor paper (22 x 30 inches). And I'm thinking of "graphic & abstract" rather than "actual portrait", so only a few flowers lend themselves to that visual.

I've chosen a Dinner Plate Dahlia from my neighbor's garden and have designed it to be 21 x 27 inches. Here you can see the 'start' with design sketched and liquid frisquet applied to all areas I what to save as 'white'. I've determined a few glowing yellow areas and dropped in some color to remind me to keep them 'pure'. Which means not to pollute with pigments that would dull the yellow. So, you can see I've not been idol.

But, these big paintings also sadden me cuz I have difficulty keeping my journal currant at the same time. So my daily musings will have to store up - and I do shoot photos or make quick sketches of things into my journal, knowing special things I DO want to write/paint about later. For now ... I'm off, so to speak, to bigger, and hopefully wonderful things!

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