Monday, June 18, 2012

Traveling Through Christmas into the Waiting Room

These two pages in my journal carry me thru the Christmas Holiday. Our sweet Jacksonville, which yearly dresses up with sparkling lil' Victorian lights that frame all our main street buildings along with cedar boughs tied with jolly red ribbons, always makes me smile.

This year my hubby requested that we not exchange gifts (it did make a sad "hole" in the gift of lil' burro I'd wanted to make him out of PaperClay) but instead, gave a donation to our favorite local charity. I selected the Maslow Project, a project that cares for the homeless teenagers in our community. They often fall between the cracks of shelters (not being 18 years of age) and have NO place to turn. So, that felt good! Another dream that's danced around in my brain was to work with the Maslow Project to have the teenagers do journaling as a healing/creative outlet ... but, I have gotten there yet.

The additional "holiday objects" are oddly matched. The fun Ginger Snaps label came from a big canister that a friend gifted us with for the holidays ~ I enjoyed how the gold thread dangles across the page. And then, there's the top item: the EKG tag (those swell things they paste all over you to get your heart rate reading) from my first EKG. Yep, I did say the first. Because I ended up spending a night in the hospital for observation to get this heart thing finalized. I was relieved they found nothing ~ save that it must be stress. Ok. Breathe, breathe, breathe and focus on the now. Another reminder. Us humans, will we ever get it?

As the new year trundles in I aim at watching life from a distance, trying to see and learn from lessons. Seems like lots of things are breaking. I've preserved a chunk of tooth that chipped off (I get to get a crown now) and then, later another whole tooth breaks off. To aid in my calming and centering for my whole body, I take the recommendation of a friend, who raves about her acupuncturist. I set up weekly appointments to relieve what she suspects is Adrenal burnout. So of course, I've included her business card and views from my reclining position on the table. I loved the soothing Chinese fan and soothing music too ~ ~ now if my body will absorb it. Often I feel more at peace after the sessions. This is a good thing.

Still in the midst of all this ... it's a difficult time. My hubby has been persistently sick since mid-December. He's having difficulty breathing and his doctor isn't finding anything wrong that he can validate. I continue on with my days, grateful for being a creative and having my studio to go to, to keep me stimulated and sane. It's an odd and disconcerting year, this 2012, I'm listening for lessons and growing more patience. I think.


. said...

wow, thats a lot of things all at once, but yet again you find beauty in your rough roads and Im so glad you wrote about the thing of take time and breath... Things I needed to see and hear, its been so crazy here and at times I just forget to breath in betweeen. I like the lables you attached to the sheet and kept the threads of them, neat touch. I do hope your husband will feel better soon and finally find help for his breathing problems (I can relate to the stress and worry of not knowing for months in end) and I hope you are doing well as well. All the best to both of you!!!!

Katherine Thomas said...

Oh dear, I hope your husband can find some answers and start to feel better. That's so draining for both of you. I love the idea of skipping hte gifts and giving to charity. That probably makes you feel even better than if you'd exchanged gifts, doesn't it? I might think about that! Keep up with your creative endeavors, those moments will help you deal with all the other things.