Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Christmas Continued

Let's continue with Christmas, heck, why not in May, ok? Again the fun PaperClay Christmas Tree I created and stitched in is visible thru the continuing pages and you get to see the interesting cut-out design created in the following pages. You'll notice, I cut out further, the heart-space (remember, I was having issues with my heart). So it stretches further into my life experience ahead.

We had the joy of a friend gifting us with tickets to a Holiday music concert with Tingstad and Rumbel, This was a fabulous master guitarist, Eric Tingstad, and, precision musician at oboe, English horn and ocarina, Nancy Rumbel. It was a cascade of lovely holiday music, old favorites and samplings of various cultures. Not to mention the playful humor both of them displayed. I'm lovin' saving paper things by slicing them diagonally and arranging the so as not to take too much room on the page ~ here's the ticket stub! It was one occasion that was saturated in the perfect holiday meaning. And I needed that!

On the right side of my journal resides memories from a one person show I did at the charming South Stage Cellars Tasting Room ( just down the street from us in Jacksonville. I adore this venue with it's rustic barn wood walls and friendly owners and employees. The fabulous Cheryl Garcia, of Great Metal Works (, curates and shares the venue with me. Even with metal as her media, her open heart and gentleness show in her works. It's an honor to show beside Cheryl! The reception was gregarious and several of my dear friends came to populate the cozy place and, of course, nibble on yummy offerings. Sweet cards from them I love keeping and have overlapped into my journal entry.

And here, presents the total two page entry, joined together, hopefully with the colorful "illuminated" letters that start each separate entry. I'm lovin' how it looks ... how about you?

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