Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Journal ~ Starring Paper Clay

Ok, so, after my informative and experiential class with Cathy Dorris (the "Queen of PaperClay"), I'm ready to get started in my brand-spankin' new journal.

My first plan is to use the "frame" I've created out of paperclay to frame my "illuminated letter" with which I start my page entries. I'm so in love with stitching things into my journal - that of course that's how I plan to insert my paperclay frame. I did push a small hole into the edges of the paperclay before I dried and painted it - but when I try to pull a threaded needle thru my teeny holes - I find the holes are too small. I once again work thru a pin to enlarge my holes, and in the process, tear the edges of the paperclay. I use my "Yes" glue to gently glue it back together, then let dry. Finally I get my "frame" stitched into place with brown button-hole twist. I liked how it accented the brown undertones in my paperclay piece.

I love how the frame boarders my letter and move on to elaborate more about the paper clay process (and actually, to honor my paperclay teacher). So I replicate, as best I can, Cathy Dorris' marvelous "Mermaid" piece and then, her "Ram's Head". I'm pretty happy with the page layout, but still find myself scratching my head, pondering how to invite readers and introduce them with my very beginning page.

BING!!! I remembered another fascinating yet, delicate piece from Cathy's Studio that would "dance" my viewers into this new journal. Cathy makes these charming wall dolls with playful metal hooks attaching their arms, legs and feet. I'd portray those happy, colorful feet, tap, tap, tappin' right into my new journal.

This set of pages just brings a smile to my face ~ playful, joyful and elegant. Love to hear your impressions - oh, and any questions you have about paperclay!


. said...

Thats so cool, love it. I never tried paperclay, bought it but forgot I had it and it dried all out... Should give it a try again. Love the lay out, but my favourite just has to be the little tapping shoes, they are just too cute and the colours of them are smashing.

Great new start to a book, cant wait what will come next : )


gay kraeger said...

How cool Elaine. What a joy to find your journal online!