Saturday, October 15, 2011

In Preparation for a New Journal ~ Paper Clay

Usually, I don't put alot of effort into planning a new journal ~ but this one I had something new and exciting (for me anyway): paper clay!! For me it's one of the coolest media on the planet right now. If you've worked with polymer clay you know the succlent colors and diverse things you can do with it, right? Well, as far as I'm concerned, paper clay is even more perfect as it doesn't require baking and it's completely organic! Yep, it's safe/good for our planet!

With this idea of incorporating paper clay into my journal, I took a private class from the Queen of Paper Clay (again, in my estimation!), Cathy Dorris ( She's warm, playful and an endless source of info on paper clay. Both of these pieces, the mermaid and ram's head are pieces from Cathy's studio. Doesn't she do fabulous work? So, here's the mess I created in just a couple hours in her studio and here's the resulting small pieces Cathy coached me in making.

You'll have to tune in for the next blog post to see what adventures I created with these lil objects. It's pretty diverse media - I encourage you to check it out for additons to your journals, your 2d paintings and heck, even sculpture!

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