Saturday, July 23, 2011

Marionberry Cobbler & Ducks Butts

This journal entry waxes from laughter to growth spurts.

The page on the left is dedicated to my new Business Coach. We met very serendipitously, she walking by my Ashland Art Studio where I was working, where we then struck up a conversation. Ultimately, she offered a free consultation and we agreed to meet. Since she was new in the area, I knew one thing I had to introduce her to: the Marionberry Cobbler at the Standing Stone Brewery (!! Not only are they one of the greenest companies in the area but their Marionberry Cobbler is to die for. I swear, it's the must do on my birthday every year!!! So we had our consultation and a very animated, fun conversation. The relationship has grown and we've not only spurred me onto bigger things business-wise (that I'd never have invented myself) but has morphed into a friendship in it's developing stages. A couple of months later, I was perusing thru my DayTimer and found these two pages stuck together with a gooey, purplish stuff with particulates in it. WHAT in the world is this stuff? Examining the page I realized it was on the page I'd taken notes from my meeting with Anne and was, of course, marionberry cobbler! Naturally, in between giggles, I had to install it into my journal page with Anne's portrait!

Adjacent to Anne is a tale from my hubby's travels, literally and figuratively. For a couple months now Roland had talked about taking a camping trip just he and Cody, our Golden Retriever. Finally he charted his agenda and location ~~ and the boys took off for a near week of solitude and exploration.

His first stop was just east of Redding, but the campgrounds were stark and winds were disconcerting. Next he tried in Redding and spent the next few days there befriending the local ducks. When he decided to travel home and was just unloading one of our friends dropped by and that's the image I replicated here. The lil' clipping of the duck's butts is from a sweet card Ro left me which said, "I'd follow you anywhere, the view from behind is great ... " which was especially endearing to me (who has had a "rear view image" issue all my life). Needless to say, I was pleased to have my boys home . . . but we both grew from being apart.

And that's a good thing . . .

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Katherine Thomas said...

How can one not click on a post called Ducks Butts? I'm curious to learn more about what a business coach does? And that is an awesome portrait!