Monday, July 25, 2011

First the Ranch . . . then an "Art Amble"

For years now, I'd been wanting to go visit and paint at this lovely couple's ranch. I see Carolyn & Rob nearly every Ashland First Friday Artwalk as they cruise thru the Art Center and stop at my studio. Last year I even had a date to go out . . . but something came up. This year I actually made the 30 mile round trip out past Ruch (a tiny town in the Applegate Valley) and on to Buncom (a deserted mining town) ~ and on to the Ranch. What spacious rolling greenery, dotted with rustic buildings and wildflowers! Plopping down admist the long grass and wondering group of cows (who found me very intriguing), I selected the ole' barn and the first building homesteaded in 1865. I love the colors/textures in the wood against the cool greens of the trees 'n grass. Of course, I didn't get it finished but polished up the sky and details at home in my studio. The visit only made me thirsty to return for more plein air time.

The adjacent journal page records an onsite sketch and event in Jacksonville. The local art group, Art Presence, in Jacksonville has finally mustered the interest and energy to support the revival of our Third Friday Art Amble. Several businesses have agreed to show various artists at their stores and artists offer up their works and possibly some refreshments. This image was from the first of the Art Ambles and I was located at the Applecellar Bakery. It was a well attended chance to bring the public into local stores, see local artists and even see them demo their process.

I choose to work in my very portable journal, of course. This picturesque setup of bread loaves, wheat in a charming wrough iron basket sat in the corner of the wooden-floored shoppe full of yummy breads and bakery goods. I sketched as patrons came in to buy goodies or just peek at the art work.

The Art Presence business card actually complimented the subject matter that I'd selected for my sketch . . . so I included it, nestled just below my windows for previous butterfly and pink rose inserts.

I always go back to my "illuminated letters" which begin my page text to fill in the colors. I think of how to harmonize the entire wide-open double page spread. For the left page I brought in rusts and ambers from the Art Presence business card and bread crusts, and from the left side, I used the greens and brown madders of the barn and scenery over to the right journal letter. Color . . . can things get any more juicy :) ?!?!

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