Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My First "First Friday Artwalk" Back Home

This was a jubilant entry ... with the beginning of February come two of my favorite things: 1) Ashland's First Friday Artwalk and 2) Valentine's Day.

With this being my first Friday Artwalk back in my Ashland Art Center Studio since I'd been home from Mexico ... it felt like a personal welcome home celebration! The Art Center had selected as a theme for February, the Rabbit, in honor of the Chinese New Year! I would love to have had time to whip up some playful lil' bunnies ... but my amazing friend and peer Art Center assemblage artist, Dale Muir, punched out these fun rabbits from Cherrio boxes. Isn't he just darned cute? This rabbit sat on one of my painting frames and watched people pass by. Several dear friends passed by and I got hugs hello. This colorful sketch is the view into my new neighbor, Joann Manzone, chatting in her next door studio. Yes, there really was a tall fellow wearing that fur coat and hat. He was quite noticeable!! By the end of the evening I felt embraced, cuddled back into my community and it was so grounding after "floating around for three months", Mexico or not.

Valentine's day popped upon the scene, catching me almost unawares. I found the perfect card for Roland several days ahead but, Roland had outdone himself. I was home that day and received this fresh bouquet of lovely pink and white flowers, accompanying card had this soft pink petaled flower on the front. I cut round holes in the following journal pages and, with my exacto knife, carved out a concave hole in which to glue my 3-d flower. Roland forwarned me we had a dinner date that evening too. Keeping the destination a secret, he tucked me in the car and we drove into Ashland. Finally, parking behind the Ashland Springs Hotel, he revealed that "Larks" was our destination. An adventure in eating, since neither of us had stopped in there before, the atmosphere was casual, nice, the food, probably not what we'd go back to. But it was sweet walking Cody after dinner amidst the crisp evening air and returning to our fire-cozy home.

How solid I feel being back at home ... savoring the blessing around us here ... "there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home"! Yes, Dorothy ~ ~ you were right.

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Katherine Thomas said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're happy to be home. Have you ever read the Alchemist? Its about a boy who travels far and wide searching for the key to life, and finally finds it, where he started. (now you dont have to read it, I've spoiled the ending)
Your work here is awesome. I love the flowers! So vibrant and jumping off the page!