Friday, June 17, 2011

From the Tango . . . to Chickens

I have to admit I'm a closet dancer (well, it doesn't mean I dance in the closet). It's just that once upon a time I was one of those who loved line dancing and now it's evolved to a fan of, yes, "Dancing with the Stars". But nothing is more beautiful than two bodies weaving together with amazing grace and agility. So when we saw "Tango Inferno" at the local theatre, we got tickets. It was a chilly night but, the flair and professionalism of this team was on fire. And since they won't allow photos ... this couple danced out the of program to my journal pages.

The adjacent page was a sampling from my "Basics for Watercolor Journaling" Class. I'd broken it up into 3 sessions one week apart giving time for my participants to apply their new information during the week. What a great group with enthusiasm and dedication. We toured thru basic drawing and ended up exploring the color wheel.

Seems pages like these are rich and playful ... a sweet way to experience this growing lesson called life. Relish the moment ...

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