Sunday, January 17, 2010

Work in Progress

Whoa, I can't believe it's past mid-January. There have been many things percolating and this project has been in the makings for five years.

In 2005 my two good friends, Jean Warren ( and Floy Zittin (, and professional artists, were separated by family moves. To keep in touch we mailed a sketchbook between our homes in Jacksonville, near Ashland (OR), Cupertino (CA) and Bodega Bay (CA). The rule of the communication was that no written explanation was to be provided; the challenge was to communicate our lives simply through the use of images.The sketchbook was started in 2005 and continues on today.

Finally, we are having a show of these "Sketchbook" images as well as several other collaborative and "spin-off" pieces at the Viewpoints Gallery ( in Los Altos, CA in July of this year! Part of the show will include 3 "spin-off" pieces (larger paintings stimulated by the small "sketchbook" pages) by each of the 3 of us. I've begun one of my "spin-offs" taking from one of my very favorite Spring images of cherry blossoms. Above is the small, 5x7 inch, "sketchbook" entry and below is the start of the larger piece.

These bigger pieces will be 8x8 inch, stretched over stretcher bars. And like many of my lil 5x5 inch pieces, I will spill the image all the way around the sides of the stretcher bars to create a changing, continual viewpoint from every side. Yep, even the top or bottom, should you want to attach yourself to the ceiling or lay on the floor and take a peek :)

I began this larger painting during the "Ashland First Friday Artwalk" of January. I'm finding I'm even capable of painting, somewhat intelligently and spontaneously while engaged by conversation. A huge accomplishment for this artist!

So, as usual, I'm delighted to find what our spirits are able to accomplish when pushed to expand our "comfortable envelope". Here's to recommending you take some kind of risk and try creating in a more public venue . . . I'm betting you too will be astonished and pleased with that amazingly confident spirit within you.

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Peggi Habets said...

So cool! I love the idea that you have continued this tradition for so long. The exhibition idea is so original and fun. Good luck Elaine.