Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Springtime Catchup ~ Return Home from San Jose

This is a fun page that floods with memories. I had taken that trip in February down to the Bay Area, after visiting San Francisco, for planning with my Co-instructor of my "Women's Mexico Retreat".

I'd not seen my friend for quite awhile - since she'd been newly married. So staying with her was a treat, getting to meet and spend some time with her new honey. When I'd early arrived, I noticed dried flowers hanging from the kitchen cabinets. Upon inquiry, I learned the flowers were from the wedding bouquets. Since I was at the table with just my journal and didn't want to pull out the entire watercolor kit, I just used a Micron Pen with a brush tip. You can get a wide edge and some relatively delicate lines too and it's nice to have a variety on my journal pages (although you all know my favorite is watercolor!) Another item that, for me exemplified the new energy and joy in the household was this kicky gecko. I couldn't resist bringing it "home" with me on the corner of my page. He turned out rather zippy, with an attitude, don't you think?

The wacky and playful flag originated from a local restaurant. Several years ago we'd tried the charming, rustic eatery named, "The Black Bear Diner" and it'd been so long ago that we couldn't remember IF we liked the food. So, on a whim ... we dropped in for dinner. Let's just say, the fun lil flag was the best part of the dinner, although not edible :)

And one of the things I begin watching for in the early spring (it happened February 14th last year) is the emerging of our heartwarming golden yellow crocus. On the afternoon of February 24th, I caught sight out our front window, of a yellow head poking up out of the dirt. It's always a joyous moment - kind of reminds me that Winter is waining and Spring, just around the corner. The next day I got a photo of the bursting lil family of crocus - hurrah, Spring has begun!

This full page, spread out is one of my favorite - joyous and diverse. It reminds me of the deliciousness of life and our world. I'm hoping you take a moment here, now, to count your many blessings. Even the tiniest of gems is worth celebrating!


Oma3 said...

I love the creature, Elaine....

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Once again your journal entries are bright, colorful and enticing ... making me want to get my paints and brush out.

I'm looking forward to seeing your work you've been doing in the studio.