Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mexico Update

Now, with the chilly, rainy days of Autumn darkened by early darkness, I'm nestling in to do some catch up in my journal.

This page is way back from my Women's Mexico Retreat in April. But it was complex (of course I don't keep it simple) and it's taken awhile to complete. I've long loved those pinpointed blow-ups that often appear in ads or maps. So I used that format to tell the more thorough story than just a single illustration. Since I was aware that the condo I had currently secured was NOT going to be available in the future for more of my retreats, I requested sampling several other potential venues. One of the rentals the Real Estate gentleman toured me thru was what I entitled, "The Castle". It w-a-a-a-s like a castle: multi-floored, elegant presentation with grounds that included 2 small casitas, a pool with a swim-up bar, cages which used to house a full collection of exotic animals (I'm please all the animals are now gone - and - hopefully, free roaming) and a view to die for.

These multi-views seemed the only way to expose the more expansive caliber of this rental. I'm most happy with the sink and stained glass bathroom detail. And, yep, as you can guess, it was the most time consuming. I found the tiny-ness of the other three images to be really challenging, but, they capture the essence of the vast place.

I've been painting busily in my new Studio 8 in Ashland Art Center and several other entries to include here. So for now, this concludes the Mexico pages and we'll be returning to the San Jose trip next.

Til then, perseverance and creative juices will see me thru the dark season. And I know, there is always light waiting (yes, you can take that literally and metaphorically too).

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