Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Day at the Vineyard

I'm in two plein air painting groups, one of which, named PASSO (Plein Air Society of Southern Oregon) had planned a paint-out, show and sale at the local Eden Vale Winery for the 7th of June. We arrived early to thinly veiled sun, got set up and by the time we started painting, the day was gorgeous. You can see here, my peer artist, Linda Evans, an amazing pastel artist, painting in the foreground, just in front of my lil' green booth that I'd set up.

We'd visited there weeks before and for the paint-out I had a plan - to try out this NEW idea I had that bounced up from doing my small 5x5x1.5 inch watercolor paper wrapped stretcher bar pieces. I'd purchased a similar sized 5x5 stretcher bar format, only it was 3 inches deep. I'd envisioned wrapping the entire "box" in watercolor paper, having the image go all around the piece with it sitting on a table. More of an "art object" than a hanging wall piece.

With that in mind, I laid out the format before arriving, plotting where I need paint my visuals, and where would be folded around the corners. Here's the piece I completed that day, with which I was pretty happy. But I needed to create the back side of the "box" and later designed this sketch, another view at the Eden Vale Winery, to fit perfectly on the back space.

So, ok, I have all the images complete and materials ready to wrap the watercolor paper around my box. It's stressful doing this first time thing, especially because I had to wet thoroughly the back of these two paintings in order to stretch the paper over the box. When the paper dried, it would contract, making a nice firm fit over the stretcher bars. I work meticulously and as fast as I can . . . and here's my resulting piece.
Overall, this turned out satisfactory. I learned alot about wrapping this shape, placing the 'feet' and forming a continuous image around a piece. I'm hoping to do more, especially for specific venues. I think perhaps these are charming momentos for travelers as well as quality art work.
What's your opinion/feedback? You know I'd love to hear . . .

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