Sunday, July 12, 2009

Birthday Portrait

I'm especially pleased with this small entry into my journal. For my husband's birthday, it's always a challenge to invent or surprise him - he's just TOO aware. So, this year I'd plotted dinner reservations at a nearby, yes, only about 7 blocks from our doorway. Now I knew he knew I knew, (whew!) that he badly wanted to eat there. So how in the world can I make this a surprise him?

Days before, he was talking to his sister and was bragging about the one time I'd blindfolded him to drive him over 2 hours over mountains, to a surprise weekend at lodging on the California Coast. Ah-HAH!!! The ole blindfold trick! So that is exactly what I did and blindfolded, I drove him in a huge circuitous route, finally ending at the Carriage House at the Nunan Estate. They have exquisite food, by the way, here in Jacksonville, Oregon!!

Anyway, to remember that fun evening I did a small sketch in my journal and - poof - one of those "muse" magical moments - it turned out exact, quick and charming! Here's the beginning watercolor sketch and the finished project. Also, I'll share the full spread where this lil' fits onto the page.

Love to hear your feedback - as always. See, sometimes that lil' quick piece turns out to channel the perfect energy! Again and again, I understand why I love journaling.


Oma3 said...

This is wonderful, Elaine, I am eager to see you tomorrow... e

BellaVida said...

aw, that was a super sweet surprise. and your artwork is amazing of course.