Friday, August 1, 2014

Telluride Plein Air ~ Quick Draw & ArtWalk

Well, I have been missing. Apologies ... I'm committing to post at least twice weekly 'til current. So here goes ... back to the Telluride Road Trip and a week's drinking in the Plein Air Event there (Note this was July 2, 2013!)!
THIS was one of my favorite days of our trip! After a quiet morn, Roland and I plan to head into town to meet Hether and hubby to watch the big "Quick Draw" Event. This is where artists have their surface (be it watercolor paper, sandpapered surface or canvas) stamped with a particular recognizable mark and then, they have a specific allotted time to go out on site using that specific substrate, paint the painting, and come back with the piece all framed, ready for sale. This event was given ninety (yes, 90) minutes.

The "Quick Draw" artists were scattered everywhere through out town. Some in the middle turning lane of the main road, some in front of the courthouse, some in alleys and others off on-site. I observed they all worked simple and small. The woman I depicted here in my journal was my favorite. And what I noticed was that her canvas was cradled right inside the back of the black frame she would be using. All she had to do was flip the painting and set it in place for the presentation! As the end of the 90 minute time period came to an end artists began gathering, placing their finished pieces on easels for the jurying and award ceremony. Some of the pieces were just amazing - - most were of the impressionist style, and some even sold right there on the spot. But whew ~
what a workout for the artists!!

An aside on participating in plein air events: from one of the well versed plein air painters in Telluride. The perspective that the event in Tellluride was NOT planned with artists on the decision making committee was evident. And not a good thing. Seems that as a participating artist in the event you would spend a lot of your "off" time (when you are not out painting on site) finishing up paintings, framing and just plain recovering from the outdoor exposure. But what the Telluride
event planners were doing was adding more and more evening fundraiser events that artists had to attend - taking away that valuable "down" time artists needed. Good to know for us considering doing a plein air event!!

Evening time continued with the art theme - with Telluride's monthly Artwalk. One show I particularly wanted to see was at the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art. They were showing pieces from Burnie Fuchs, a famous illustrator ~ and I wasn't disappointed. FASCINATING mixed media - - even his pencil sketches had such vitality. So inspiring! We wandered the full street hitting the Oh-be-joyful Gallery (who's owner does huge plein air gorgeous pieces) and another watercolor artist, David Brankley, who does terrific work, were stand-out for me. So you see, I had to save those images and contacts here.

The final image on this open page journal spread is of course, dinner. We meandered the street, mainly looking for light food without a mile long line (I'm so spoiled from our rural restaurants here in Southern Oregon - well, maybe not Ashland). And we needed a place where we could keep Cody nearby. The Telluride Bistro furnished all of that. A yummy salad, quick friendly service and an open wrought-iron fence where Cody could get scratches from us (and maybe some treats too). An end to a full and fulfilling day!

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