Friday, May 24, 2013

Colorado Reunion ~ Bunnies and Box Canyons

I arose my usual early self, did my yoga 'n meditation then, quietly peeked out the Colorado windows. Everyone else appeared to still be sleeping so I creeped upstairs and made my cup of Chai tea. Luckily my friends have a back door, just adjacent to my room and I tip-toe out the back door into the sweetness of the Colorado valley between Montrose and Ridgeway. Smells of the country, grass, crispness and the clouds whispering of the coming rain. At the base of the fencepost sat an adorable lil' cotton tail rabbit (Later, my friend told me how she used to feed the lil' rabbits daily next to their shed until one day a vigilent hawk swooped down during the feed. She was broken-hearted and no more rabbit feeding.) My bunny memory rests here in my journal now.

Once the house hold was up we breakfasted and soon were all packed up, ready to drive to Telluride. Tied to the roof were long metal poles which were to be used for a curtain hanging project. As the lightening storm approached and we drove off,  my friend's hubby says, "Those make good lightening rods!" Ok, now I'm really excited to get to Telluride!! En route we stop to see an art show at the Ridgeway Library. My friend touted it as a "horse" show. I love horses, ok, but within the hour we were leaving the library nearly in tears.

The two women artists, Karen Keene and Alice Billings, had done quick and emotional captures in bold acrylic. But as we read the titles and noted the small, handwritten labels ... the depth of the paintings came out. All the featured wild horses were from the Spring Creek Basin. The images depicted the animals' spirit and the label told about the horses lineage, their life and how many of them died or were maimed during BLM helicopter round-ups. I know,  I know, I've heard what happens when there are too many horses in the range - - but it still didn't keep my heart from being torn with each story I read in that show. Intense!

Just past Ridgeway, we begin seeing the magnificent San Juan Range - and thank goodness Hether was patient with my "tourist" mentality - I had to jump out of the car many a time to take photos. The brilliant colors along Dallas Divide were rich, washed clean by the diminishing thunderstorms. I created this blend of my favorite vistas along our drive, from left to right, the mesa beneath Dallas Divide, Dallas Divide and then, tucked delicately in the box canyon, my beloved Telluride.

After unpacking the car, I was delivered to what would be my lil' nest while I was in Telluride, the Manitou B & B. Room #5 was divine, up on the second floor I could see down into the valley over the town. And right under my tiny one person deck was the gurgling river alongside the trail, lined with golden Aspens, that lead to the Bear Creek trail. Ok, I've died and gone to heaven, right?!?!?!

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Katherine Thomas said...

Oh wow, this looks like fun! I'm laughing to myself that you woke up your 'usual self'. I wonder if I have a usual self? I think I have many of those. What DOES happen when there are too many horses? (I'm afraid I might already know the answer) How can there be too many horses, for heavens sakes, does every westerner always dream of having their own horse? Your paintings are excellent, and I'm very envious of the adventure you're having!