Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Visits to a Hospital and a Birthday

My residual retreat memories juggled with my annual birthday collage creates pages in contrast.

It was the final day at the retreat when one of my participants began feeling ill. We were blessed to have a retired nurse within our lil' family group and the three of us, the uncomfortable patient, our nurse and I became a trio that learned about the medical facilities in the San Andreas area. Not a bad thing to know since I frequent the beautiful, rugged country at least once a year, but, somehow, not what you'd request.

We were gifted with quick referrals to both the local nurse at the Bear Valley Emergency Response and then, a smooth drive down to the nearest hospital in San Andreas. Never fear, all turned out well, and our precious participant was declared safe, well, and out-of-the-woods, so to speak. This lil' sketch of what I vaguely remember of the small hospital (you'll have to understand that my focus was not on gathering images to update my journal while I was there) mainly reflects the darkness of the night and the glowing promise of safety in the yellow windows. My mind recalls much more when I see this sketch ... as with all my journal entries. A long night ... with a grateful ending  :)

The opposite page presents what has become a tradition with me: the collage from all the dear birthday cards I receive. I always had this pile of cards after my birthday ... wondering how I could throw 'em away while wanting to save the memories forever. So this has become my solution.

This year there seemed to be a floral theme, but two cards in particular had special meaning. One, of course what this wacky Tweetie bird!!! Not only did it give me a great suggestion for my b-day ("go shake your tail feathers!!") but the bottom of Tweetie is up on a lil' spring so that when I hit it - - it does shake!!

And then, the other special card with the tilting tea cups tells the tale of a revived friendship. This friend from nearly forty years ago seemed to disappear from my life. She'd not responded to any of my phone calls nor my birthday cards for over three years (we're both Virgos). It was this year that I'd given up on her and skipped mailing her a birthday card. So when I got that tea cup card from her - - it more than made me smile. It gave me back my dear friend :)  How coincidental was it that in just a matter of weeks I was flying off to a Reunion in the tiny mountain town where she lived. And I could reunite with my friend in person too! My heart was just singing for this birthday.
Life continues to be thoroughly fascinating ... don't you agree?!?!

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