Saturday, November 10, 2012

Journaling's Different Approaches ~ My "Collection" Page

So once we had concluded the "gathering" and arrived back to our work tables, we launched powerfully into creating our own page. This expression completely from our chosen materials became fascinating ~ each individual's personality and spirit flowed.

Here is my "collection" page ... you notice how I resonate with a time past ... how I'm attracted to the small, intricate and detailed ... the lace, personal photo etc. My purchases included personalized, humanly touched items (like the hand written recipes or European sepia postcard with beautiful calligraphic writing) ~ things that tell a whisper of a story or a life experience. When I saw the colors coming together, I had to squeeze my tea bags onto the page, staining the lace, making things relate. And when I had the napkin with the spoon in place ... I echoed the accompanying knife by drawing it. 

My biggest challenge came with the sepia postcard. I wanted to be able to see both sides, the image and the writing and postmark. So I played with folding it and flipping it around in my hands ... I suddenly saw a "book" come to mind. I formed "pages" in the center and developed a way to stitch the binding as well as attach it to the journal page. Later come the coral bead and the feather. Now I have some deeper learnings from the workshop that I will detail in those pages. This also affords me some privacy, as most people paging thru my journal will not open my lil' hidden book.  

Now, I'm really happy with this very unusual journal page. Will I continue to work from "gatherings"for my journal pages? Perhaps . . . only time will tell . . .

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