Saturday, July 21, 2012

Renewing Friendships & Blossoms

Since the new year, 2012, hasn't been bursting with joyful events . . . I'm extremely aware and anxious for the reviving signs of Spring.

The first to appear are my silent but blessed lil' white Snowdrops. With heads quietly bowed, they suddenly appear in late January and possibly raise their heads in final finale' of February. Then, I know my brilliant yellow crocus will soon be appearing. I look for them around Valentine's Day ... but we know that passed while I was visiting the hospital. So ~~ B-O-O-O-M ~~ heroically I catch a peek of yellow nested out in the low cush of green in my front flower beds. And finally, on February 21st, they are joyously in full trumpet. Aren't they just the happiest? The next day I'm in Medford and see my first daffodils dancing in the warming sunshine. I know Spring lurks just around the corner . . . sigh!!!

Another saving source during this time of "stretching my envelope" has been sincere, close friendships. The image I've captured here took about a year to carve into our calendars. I'd included a "free ticket" to a lunch out for my friend, Dale's, birthday. We made the date on our schedules and in our minds and in a couple of weeks when the date rolled around ~ we both just spaced it out. Shaking our heads we renewed our plan with fervor. And - SURPRISE - we actually remembered. A quiet lunch over good food and the hummmm of neighboring table talk can be so healing, centering. 

Along this same timetable . . . there seemed to be a series of things breaking. First it was a molar tooth that broke off . . . it awaits a crown. Then, I've had this silly lil' Mexican ceramic fish with a big wide open mouth that for years now, I'd put my daily vitamins in. Well, it took a nose dive one morn and I could only rescue the big cheery eye to place in my journal. You'll find those two items dotting the edges of this page.
When I'd gotten the two pages all painted and written, there seemed to be alot of white space along the bottom of the pages. What could I do to remedy that? oh grief!!! BLING . . . my designer eye caught sight of those bright orange mugs Dale and I were sporting and I dotted them along the border . . . happy lil' notes aren't they. See things are lookin' up already :)

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