Sunday, April 8, 2012

Showcasing Oregon's Beauty for Mexican Guest

Of course, we had to show off to Efren, our visiting Mexican artist, the amazing beauty of Southern Oregon. First on the list, of course, is heading to Crater Lake. But some of our favorite spots are sprinkled along the route - so naturally, we stop there too. The Rogue Gorge is breath-taking even though the two rivers merging before the deep ravine are less than at their peak this time of year. Finally, after remarks from Efren like, "it's so green", we arrive at the brilliant blue waters of Crater Lake. It truly is a wonder! Then, on the return drive we hike into Takelma Gorge, another magnificent natural site. Here, Efren and I took out our paints and worked on capturing the image.

We lunched overlooking the Rogue River at Miguel's in Shady Cove, preparing our energies for the busy upcoming evening. Efren was showing slides and a narration of his works at the Ashland Art Center. Here you see a shot of the Art Center from my second floor studio, looking down to the main floor. I was lucky to coax from Efren, this notes for the talk - - I love that it is in Spanish and flavors my journal with the elements present during Efren's visit!!!

On the adjacent page in my journal we wake to the following, more relaxed day. After a leisurely morn, we artists head out to the wide-open arms of the Applegate Valley. I totally by mishap, land us at the lovely Red Lily Winery where we spend most of the day sketching and painting. Serendipitously, Efren strikes up a conversation there with workers who actually are from the same area in which he currently lives. And in the time I get this sweet sketch completed, Efren has completed two oil paintings. Yep, he's fast and talented! Amazing!

We return home to a rich, well appreciated meal, once more magically whipped up by my dear Roland. And we settle in the living room to chatter and relax. Til tomorrow . . .

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