Thursday, January 26, 2012

Monday at the Women's Journaling Alpine Retreat

The Monday morn began crisp and grey, but following the delicious-ness of Chef Izzy’s fresh lemon-blueberry scones, fresh fruit & steaming scrambled eggs, we were bright-eyed and ready to work. We’d skipped our mornin’ yoga because of moisture & chill. Following presentations from both Jean & I on our viewpoints and process of journaling, we all dug into our first hands-on assignment, “Words with Molding Paste”.

Under Jean’s direction, suggesting we select a word to illustrate in conjunction with two various types of molding paste. One is the “Soft” version, and the other a more “Coarse” paste. These pastes adhere to paper and create an interesting absorbent medium. Here you see my page “harmony”. I played with the two pastes, in my mind thinking the two would start out separate and contrary, but come together (bottom right) in ‘harmony’. Using our trusty dictionary, I detailed the definition of harmony and playing with various pigments and wax crayons attempted to “flow” into a glowing concert. If you look closely, you’ll see the word “h-a-r-m-o-n-y” carved into the paste medium and lettered in black. I have to admit my favorite part of the entire experiment was JudiKins, “MicaGloss-Metalli Effects Ink-Chocolate”. The dark granulation coupled with the coppery sparkle “made” my page.

After Izzy's "scrumpous" lunch (Arugula, celery heart leaf, chive, shallot and almond salad with strawberry balsamic viniagrette), we ventured more into the world of watercolor. With a loose suggestion of painting an image that represented “you”, each individual participant, conjured up a sort of “self-portrait”. This took on many meanings, some were idealized by their relationship to animals, special relationships, etc, – and – we were to interpret our feelings in that portrait. We could include fabric, found objects, anything we visualized as an accurate expression of our feelings.

Intitally, I began cutting out fabric to use in the dark values. As I progressed with my watercolor and wax crayon self-portrait - I was so pleased with the quick painting, I couldn't cover it with the fabric. So, just to honor the original idea, I glued on the fabric - it definately captures part of my ole' "hippie" generation personality :)

With evening upon us, we are treated to another savor meal. Izzy has crafted up Whole wheat pesto pasta with herb-infused cherry tomatoes and braised kale. Then, she topped it off with this elegant Challah bread . . . to die for. Round and very siatiated, we relax into comfy women's conversations . . . then, slumber.

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