Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Growth, Relaxation & a Lil' Amish too!

More delight of Summer dance across my journal pages. Here I traverse opening my mind and heart then, opening my senses and spirit.

My first sketch was to commemorate and also, jingle my memory of a remarkable man and his work around healing and personal growth. Dr. Michael Ryce visited our church for a week - - a week of free workshops from forgiveness to personal relationships to "Why is this Happening to me Again?" (the name of his first book). I won't go into his process here, but I found it astutely revealing for my life. And even had me roping in friends and family to come examine their hearts 'n minds. If you get the chance to see/hear or experience his teaching, I'd recommend exposing your "open-minded" self to it. He spent hours at the board writing memorable ideas and examples . . . here he is . . .

This odd addition to my journal page is pretty much a graceful weed. Actually, it is an enemy we constantly find invading our rugs and socks, usually brought in by our Golden Retriever. But this one was still intact and had a lovely curve to it's spine. I had to save it and . . . just in time . . . our neighbor came over to have my hubby help her program her new cell phone. And in the refuse she left behind was this perfect black backing for my graceful weed. I love serendipity!

The right side of this open journal is from the refreshing camping trip up to one of our favorite quiet camping areas, Lake Lemolo. I won't detail this adventure because I did do a previous blog post on June28th ( with descriptions of a heavenly hike and other juicy parts. But DID want to re-share the lovely calm lake view and the adorable, peaceful Amish women we saw in the Rogue Gorge parking lot.

I choose to just sketch the simplicity of them . . . and the accompanying thoughtfulness that came with seeing them and perusing what I imagine their lives to be. It still brings me a stillness. And I'll take all of those I can get . . .

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