Friday, March 25, 2011

Journaling Mexico Christmas ... in March

Many of you know from my previous photo blog entries of our Christmas pleasures in Mexico.
Here, I've plucked my very favorites to illustrate.

A Mexican Christmas tradition is the neighborhood "Posadas". I'd even had my dear friend, Cheryl, require of us to "not miss the Posada Parades thru the neighborhoods. We'd noticed days before Christmas, children, musicians and adults leading, as they sang and processioned down each street. Each street around us did one and the huge honor was bestowed upon us, when we were invited to partake in the Posada of our street!! We were overjoyed to accept!

Roland and I were to be "Zacharia & Isabella" (I Americanized it to "Zac & Izzie") and we were welcoming Joseph & Mary at our entryway. The troupe of children singing intertwined with explanations read by the adults meandered past us and when done, we joined at the back of the group. My favorite "scene" on our street was the precious children kneeling as angels. Aren't they just divine? It was so special following the procession all the way to the church yard where they celebrated with their families.

The next day was Christmas and with the kind heart of our hostess, Connie, she included us in her "orphan" brunch. It included three other couples and a gentlemen, all Canadian, all whom have stayed at Connie's sweet casitas at some time. Our brunch took place at "Mannix", a popular Mexican family owned restaurant in downtown Ajijic. Roland and I'd visited there earlier in the week to double check that it would be appropriate for Cody (our sweet Golden Retriever) to dine with us - and yes, it was (the Mexican perspective is so much more realistic and down-to-earth regarding people and their pets). Cody nestled between Roland and my chairs and we all enjoyed savory eats. Conversation was around every one's experiences in Mexico and their homelands too. Very interesting and a wide, diverse spectrum of experiences and personalities. Here, I've captured several of us at the dessert table, trying to decide what to take and, oh heck, just getting them all! A great, family-felt gathering thanks to Connie!

My armadillo image is very special ... my Christmas gift from Roland. When we'd first arrived in Ajijic, I saw a street vendor with furniture and this character for sale on the main street. I mentioned how I loved the lil guy and Roland, with his usual memory for remembering things I love and secretly getting it for me, noted this! On Christmas Eve day, he and Cody walked all the way downtown to try and nab my favorite armadillo, but, alas, the vendor wasn't there. Then a couple day belated, Ro proudly marches into the RV, requesting I close my eyes and he hands me, you guessed it, my armadillo. I was charmed ... he now greets everyone who enters our Oregon home. We've searched for a name for him, thinking "rascal" is appropriate as he has this very mischievous smile. But have had difficulty getting the accurate word in Spanish. So anyone with suggestions, please send them my way.

It's nice to remember Christmas, even in March ... counting our blessings is never out of date!


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