Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Luxury of a Day of Play

I can't remember last time I took off a day, just to go paint and play with a friend. A dear lady, who'd taken several private lessons with me (yes, she was the one to witness the "crime scene" of previous post) and we found we had so much in common ~ we could launch a painting day together. She has a home on the far east side of Medford which affords vast views looking across the valley and she suggested I come there to paint. When she offered the kindness of lunch too, it was an easy "yes, when should I be there?"

I arrived around 9:30 and hiked over to the viewpoint Robin had envisioned for our paint site. On the far left was Roxy Ann Winery, undulating hills and alternating fields of various colors and textures. We got settled and I started off with the sky, leaving whispers of white clouds to accent the distant hills. Robin worked on a closer view of the fields - a heaven of greens.

Morning turned into afternoon and we packed up to head back to her house. She'd prepared a variety of delicious samplings: Zucchini/Tomato Torte, Garbonza Bean/Carrot/Olive Salad (my fav) and then, for dessert, watermelon balls with mint. I was STUFFED (you know I usually have just a yogurt for lunch?) and couldn't move ~ so relished her offer of poking thru several of her favorite journaling & reflection books. I could have stayed longer had her husband not returned home :)

But it reminded me how recharging just taking a day off to simulate and relax your spirit with friends and food can be. I can't recommend it highly enough!!! Thank you, Robin!

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