Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Journal Version of Recent Trip

My goal today was to complete this final double spread page in my journal, the last enty into this journal which began on 7-21-09, nearly a full years worth of life. Those of you who caught the previous version of my "photo" version of the trip to San Jose will, sorry to say, see some replications. But I thought you might enjoy seeing the watercolor translations into my journal.

Of course, we start with the amazing vision of Mt. Shasta. I love how watercolor depicts clouds, with that heavenly transparency that only transparent pigment can. I've added some white wax crayons for edges of the clouds and it simplifies the process when I'm painting - don't have to be concerned with my white edges so much.

Next is the completed version of my two dear friends at the restaurant table. I'm totally happy with the portrait on the left and finally, with Floy on the right. I had to shorten her chin abit, and nip off the tip of her nose, to make it more delicate. Check out the in-progress version of this twosome on March 21st blog post.

And the memory I most wanted to capture for my hike at Uvas Park was one of the glistening creeks. I loved the small, intimate cascade into this pool with the ferns softening the edges of the pool and the image. I'm fairly pleased with this image.

I'm asking for input on the presentation of the final page. As you know I'm not the happiest with my Micron pens right now. They just wear down so quickly on this watercolor paper - so on this page, I've tried out the Ultra Fine Tip Sharpie. Yes, it was consistent with the same amount of ink BUT, the thing I didn't like was that even with the Ultra Fine tip, I still got a real heavy text. I'm unhappy with the overall final full 2 page spread. I really want the images to have the strongest presentation in my journals. But, to me, now this page has strong text that battles with the images for priority. Hey, it could just be me. But . . . I'd love to hear your ideas and opinions.

But, just keep creating and experimenting . . . life continues to be full of lesson, artistic and spiritually. Trust the process!


Oma3 said...

Have you tried the new Sharpie pens, not the Ultra Fine marker but the pen... I agree that the Micron catches in the tooth and the paper and it is hard to write. I thnk the Sharpie Pen will not make such a strong line.

Kendra Smith said...

Hi Elaine,

I have had the same problem with my acid free permanent pens running out of ink too quickly, especially when I am signing my reproductions printed on coated watercolour paper. The coating must dry out the pens or something. I have also switched to the Sharpie fine tips which I thought were awesome, but then one already exploded and other ran out of ink already. lol Well, hopefully they will invent the perfect pen for us soon. I agree that the sharpie made the text darker than in your previous journal pages but your journal is still absolutely gorgeous, and since you have very artistic printing, I don't think it detracts from the page. :)
What kind of paper is your journal made of? I love the way your watercolours are so beautiful in your journals, and not just that you are an amazing artist, but also the way the paint blends and sits on your paper, it is far superior to sketchbook paper I can see.

Nikole Hahn said...

Beautiful idea...illustrating and words together when you