Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spring Thaw - or - Spring Tease

I know it's only early February . . . but I've been noticing occurrences outside. Not only have we been having one of the most mild winters since I've been here (this is my 5th), but Spring flowers are coming up way early. The earliest I've seen my crocus up was February 14th ... this years new record is February 4th. And they were probably there before that, only I'd not been even looking for the until I was Downtown Jacksonville for a meeting and noticed several happy yellow heads bobbling in the sunshine! As soon as I got home I saw my sweet lil' buds all up, just awaiting to open.

It's taken me many days to get them in my journal but, here they are with my take on the blooms.

And once I was aware that things were poking their heads up in ready-ment for Spring I began looking everywhere. We have a herd of SnowDrops that have been ripening outside my studio window since mid-January and now they are in their full prime. These are adorable poisonous plants that were in existence when we moved here and each year they provide the very first hope of Spring to come. The surely make me smile each time I peer out my home studio windows.

So you see, "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause" ~ and ~ Spring is really going to come. Not to rain on this cabin-fevered parade, but this could and probably is our usual, what we call February Tease, that starts us drooling, planting Summer flowers and wearing shorts (I'll admit, I even found myself sitting in the warm sun for awhile yesterday). Then, shortly after this, Winter returns, laughingly almost with her freezing temperatures and grey skies. But for now ... I'm smiling and wigglin' my toes in the cool, sun lite grass.

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Katherine Thomas said...

So encouraging to see crocuses! I'm glad they're sprouting up somewhere in the world, if not at my house. It won't be long now...
I LOVE your painting in the journal. Your blog posts are beautiful. :)