Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Autumn Remembered

I have been doing some updating in my journal and as I wander back, I wanted to share my pages with you. These pages pretty much encompass my fondest memories of our Fall Season. As I drive into my Ashland Studio, one of my favorite streets is Oak Street. It's the way I weave into the city from it's northern streets. I love the way it moves gradually from rolling agriculture pastures, then to a few buildings sprinkled with cattle, some chickens and a pumpkin grower. Of course, the autumn brings out this growers finest jewels. All along this cheery picket fence, dance this wide variety of orbs, like a chorus line. One day as I was leaving town in the early afternoon, I caught the sun just where it spotlighted the pumpkins while starting to shed delicious blue-purple shadows down from the nearby trees. I'm really enjoying spreading illustrations across the full or near full double spread pages of my journal . . . it seems to give you more of a vision of what I'm experiencing. Hope you get the joy I felt from this warm, celebratory scene.

You'll see my annual collection of "Autumn Leaves" glued to the page too. It seems, even tho I mentally agree NOT to paste those silly dead leaves in my journal again this year, I'm walking along and look down to see the most incredible, amazing color display that nature has painted on a simple gorgeous leaf. And there I go again, "paste those silly dead leaves in my journal again this year". Mother Nature never fails to thrill me, again and again, over and over. One of the many pleasure of the Autumn Season.

Later in the fall season, we arranged to go see a radio show, aired frequently on NPR, entitled, "West Coast Live" that came with cast, to our Ashland Bowmer Theatre in Ashland. The theatre was the perfect open, curved stage for the performance. Dotted across the stage was various aspects of the live radio show: the piano and player, the open stage for entertainment space and a mic for interviews. We found the show enlightening and entertaining, but, I have to say the most memorable part of the evening show, was the announcer's red shoes. Sometimes being "visual" leaves me with an entirely different perspective of situations than others who visited the same place.

Isn't that what Life is ~ ~ a marrying of different perspectives, hopefully into harmony? I'm pondering that today . . . perhaps food for thought for you too?


Oma3 said...

I do the same thing Elaine, I just can't resist putting in a leaf or two each fall. This year I coated in with modge podge and thus the color has stayed brilliant.

Fall is my favorite season... especially in Jville!


Kendra Smith said...

Hi Elaine, I love reading your blog and seeing little peeks into your journal. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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