Tuesday, October 13, 2009

YIPPPEEEE ~ Journal Entry Wins First Place

I can't contain myself anymore. I've been aching to share this with you all but putting it off cuz I wanted to get a couple other posts up. Heck, I'm giving up - - I have to tell you now!

This is an annual show here in the area, Grants Pass to be specific, about 40 minutes north of Jacksonville. Entitled "Spirit of the Rogue", it's theme is the experience or essence of the Rogue River. I've usually not entered the show because my favorite landscapes are vistas, mountains, clouds and florals. This year on a whim, I thought I'd submit one of my journal pages. Shoot, I didn't even know if it would be considered because it's between 2D and 3D work. Surprise! I was chosen as one of the pieces for the show. That was exciting enough.

Then, shortly after the jurying, I received an email from the curator, "Spirit of the Rogue 1st Place". Can you believe it? Amidst some fabulous pieces, including works like a 4 x 6 foot oil by one of the Art Department Instructors - they chose my journal! The piece was a page from a 4th of July hike to Rainey Falls that several of us took. I began the sketch on site and when everyone else was ready to head back for the barbecue, I snapped a few digitals shots. Later, when I got home I finished the painting incorporating a small shell my sweet husband had collected, thinking it could fit into the journal too. And wellah - here is the finished image.

And I wanted to share with you another s-t-r-e-a-c-h this show offered me - and I took them up. They presented an Artists Talk for the public and college students requesting any of us artists in the show to take part. It was casual with a brief explanation of one's process, inspiration and media. Then it was open for questions. I volunteered and didn't do any prep and felt pretty much as ease. The semicircular seating had artists and public all mixed together and artist answers could be melted down to "one must paint with love of subject". All in all I felt pretty ecstatic, only heightened when the curator smiled at me as I left, reminding me that the check for 1st Place, $250, was "in the mail".

One just never knows from where dreams come true . . . again, I invite you artists to step out and take chances in new, uncertain directions.


Vicki Greene said...

Congratulations! How very exciting for you. Way to go!

Lisa Faulkner Wright said...

Beautiful journal entry. Congratulations!

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Yippee, Wow, and Congratulation's, what a great entry into an art show. Your journal work is beautiful and now you have awards to prove it! Obviously you are moving in the direction you should be traveling.

Oma3 said...

Wow, how very exciting Elaine, I love your pages!