Saturday, March 21, 2009

A New Redhead in Town

I'm just so excited about Spring approaching ... peering out my kitchen window this afternoon I finally captured "the new redhead" in town. She's (well, it's actually probably a 'he' since he has such bright colors) has been around for about a week now. Her bright red-orange head just stands out next to the other dark hooded finches we usually see during the Winter. With my trusty camera I caught her (him) before he flew, but also caught some other new smaller birds, new in town with lovely striations in dark and a yummy yellow too. Isn't Spring a joy to watch slowly overtake the chill and grey? I haven't pulled out my bird book to find out the proper name for these lil fellas - anyone want to take a stab, see if you can guess right?

That's all - just a silly, happy lil post I wanted to share with you all. Celebrate Spring!


Valcael said...

From a very sunny yorkshire town, this made me smile, spring makes you feel like the year's about to really get going and there is such optimism, hope it lasts :)

Lynne said...

Oh Elaine!! I love this -- but I thought I was to be the new red head in town!!! ((grin))
I love reading your journal and seeing your pastels and artwork.

I love you very much Elaine!! I am grateful to be a part of your wonderful life!!
Much love to you -- Lynne