Friday, February 20, 2009

"Emotion" Entry

I've been experimenting with some new and dramatic approaches with my journal entries. This one I've honestly been a bit afraid to try. Most of you know my work is usually representational, working from plein air, photos or "found objects". One of my dear artist friends told me about a painting she'd done in response to a very volital situation in her life - and it triggered a memory of a recent situation in my life. One that I'd not completely resolved. And it sounded like a very interesting opportunity to try something new - and express my feelings. So, oh boy, here we go.

I re-read the folded "private letter" that I'd written to the party I was having this situations with, which fired up my emotions all over again. And I was ready to start. I took some big, some smaller WC brushes - just splashing and dashing patterns onto my journal page. Next, I dipped my brush into black Indian ink, then into the wet pattern. I loved watching the ink spread and dance in granular patterns. With thick pigment, strong values I poked and exorcised my feelings as I repeated words I was feeling as I struck the paper. The "words" part just kind of came to me in the process. I'd ripped out images and text before I started painting and once the pigment and ink was dry, I arranged those around the pattern. Then glued them down with "Yes" glue (an archival, water soluble glue). I wanted to have that letter I'd written included, so I painted the photo holders black and glued them into place, adding text and painting on the letter to include it into the design.

I thought I was done. I wrote in my experience that had created the situation for me and left the journal for a day or two. But I kept thinking of it . . . I wanted to add something that felt hard and unfeeling, something with pointed edges that could hurt like I had felt that day. STAPLES! So they were added to page, completing the design - and apparently my emotional expression. I've not thought back about it now for days. It felt good to express, it felt precise in expressing where I was.

Perhaps you might try it around thoughts or situations you have strong emotions about. I'll do it again . . . be brave and explore your expression and yourself. You'll be astonished at the beauty you find there.

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Peggi Habets said...

Ouch! It looks as if there were volcanic emotions brewing right below the surface. I have a feeling you need to do a few more of these until they no longer have power. Good luck!