Monday, March 3, 2008

Three Small Dahlias

Here I am ... I've finally found myself. I've been in a whirl of ordering materials for my upcoming Journaling class, designing and frame sizing for five pieces for the May Floral Show and, oh yes, don't forget our new "going to the gym" committment three times a week.

But in between all that good stuff, I have been working up value studies for three 5 x 7 inch Dahlia pieces that will fit in the same frame as the BIG Dahlia piece I've already started (yes, the one you've seen some progress upon). So here are the three lil' gems. I got so involved with the rich value studies - they took over a day and a half. Now, I will go to tracing the images to watercolor paper and begin painting.

It's a good time to have lots of projects to work on ... the days can't make up their mind as to whether they are in "Spring" or "Winter". So the more inside activities I have - the happier is my creative "kid" within. And tonight I venture off to a meeting re-creating Open Studios here in the Rogue Valley with the new and thriving Ashland Artisan Gallery and Art Center. It's an exciting prospect where the artists create the Open Studios themselves.

So, life is good and ever reinventing itself. Keep those creative juices flowing!

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