Sunday, October 2, 2011

Returning ~ A Friend's Visit Unfolds To Kid's Camp

OH MY ... I clearly have been missing. I send apologies, for I have not forgotten all you loyal followers nor my discipline (and pleasure) in keeping my personal blog going. But as some of you know, my now Annual Women's Journaling Alpine Retreat ( crept upon me late August. Then, the very day I returned (from an incidentally, FANTASTIC retreat) our visiting guest, the Mexican Artist, Efren Gonzalez (, arrived at our home for a near two week stay. But, w-h-e-w, I'm nearly back and partially collected. So, let us return to where I disappeared!

Last day of June a delightful friend (a previous Alpine Retreat attendee from last year) was in town visiting. She too loves to paint plein air so I set up a paint date with her and I to nest into my neighbor Mary's full bloom garden. We settled in with this upward vantage of poppies. With a lovely day and good friend chatter, I end up with this loose but happy sketch.

Later that evening we meet other friends. Following a breezy picnic, we head for the opening show at a local small theatre. If any of you have seen "Sweeney Todd" you may understand why I chose to split the ticket and position it rather uncomfortably disjointed. That was how I felt after the performance ~ an experience to remember. Well, maybe to forget ...

The adjacent page picks up in mood ~ ~ and invention. A mom who'd long ago purchased a "3-Lesson Series" Christmas gift for her daughter returned, pushing me to invent a "Kid's Camp", five days of focusing on drawing skills with some fun mixed in. Ok, I'll brave something new and challenging.

Each of the days we work on different segments of drawing (contour, value, shapes, gesture etc.) and for fun, I plan the creation of a paper doll, for which she'll invent and paint outfits/costumes. Each day I'd bring home her creations and cut them out with my exactco knife.I'm unclear who learned most from this Kid's Camp experience but my student surely looked forward to the paper doll part of the day.

When our week together was all done, I was at home picking up my workstation ... and deliberated with what to do with the very cool negative images created from the cut-out costumes. ZING!!! What if I added them to my journal as part of the daily dialogue of the week. And so this is how this page evolved ... I'm actually very pleased with it.

What you all think? Isn't it beyond belief what amazing invention is channeled thru us when we are open. That must be that "gift that keeps on giving" thing?!?!

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. said...

Love the paperdoll cut-outs (the negative space), great use of them. And the painting of the tulips is lovely.

I really enjoy seeing your journal and how you work out the lay-out of the pages, the colours and subjects that you draw and paint,as always very lovely work.